Need strength?

weeklywalk25 Do you need strength to get through today’s to-do list? Are you facing a health scare? Maybe, you’re carrying a heavy emotional burden?

As we begin a new week, I’m giving you another Scripture verse to memorize. I always encourage you to take walks and occupy your mind by memorizing Scripture instead of worrying about whatever you are burdened by.

And during your walk, ask yourself if you actually believe this Scripture. If you do, then ask God to give you the strength. Take a moment to receive His help. Ask Him to show you what, if anything, you need to do about the situation.

He may whisper to you things such as, let it go, lighten up your schedule, or focus on me. If you hear Him tell you anything, do it, and do it quickly. Do not waste time telling Him why you can’t do what He has told you. (This will not work and I have first-hand info on that.)

You either believe the Scripture or you don’t–right? It doesn’t mean he’ll help you do things He doesn’t want you to do, it means he will help you do everything on your schedule He desires for you to do.

Love y’all,



2 thoughts on “Need strength?

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  1. Ginny,this is the verse that saw me through PT school. I had three babies and a 2 hour 15 min commute each way to school and home with a deployed spouse at times. I had this printed on my schedule book for three years.
    Through a divorce and trying to keep it all together I leaned on these words again. I guess this is my life verse.
    Thank you for reminding me of what God has carried me through and inspiring new praise!!! Hallelujah

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