Does God Make Mistakes?

My eyes have glazed over from looking at scores of photos from Hurricane Michael’s zone of destruction. Once towering longleaf pines snapped like brittle toothpicks. Massive oak trees tossed asunder appearing like a monstrous pile of Pick Up Sticks.

Don’t you wonder why?

Do you ever ask, “Does God make mistakes?”

Did He decide He’d created too many pine trees and it was time to kill some off?

Did He grow a million too many morning glory flowers this year?

I noticed this week how many acorns were forming on the live oak tree near my house. Thousands, at least.

I know many of them will fall to the ground and never be picked up by a squirrel. Maybe they’ll rot. Most of them will never become a tree. But don’t we think that’s their main purpose–to grow another tree?

When we look at our creations, the poems we’ve labored over, the peanut butter sandwiches we made for the homeless, we believe each creation should be a masterpiece. Each and every one will form a tree.

Yet, God doesn’t expect each acorn to become a tree.


Some of our creations will serve the purpose of standing the test of time. Others will serve the purpose of growing and supporting others.

God does not make too many acorns and He did not miscount the number of longleaf pines growing just north of Panama City. He did not get caught off guard and lose His pecan trees in Southwest Georgia.

Each tree He creates and each acorn He forms has a known purpose.

He feels the same about our creations. Our acts of service, our blog posts, the caps we knit for the premature babies are ours to create. Some will be loved and treasured and others will be tossed aside and trampled.

God does not create too many acorns or sunflowers. And, we can’t write too many poems.

God does not make mistakes. He knows which acorns will become one-hundred-year-old oaks and He foresees which ones will feed the squirrels during the winter.

May this post encourage you to knit the caps, write the songs, hug the children, and bake the cookies because God has ordained the number needed and God’s number is always correct.

“As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.” Ecclesiastes 11:5

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