The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Christmas day deadline is fast approaching. And…we’re all hustling and bustling to complete our work of purchasing, wrapping, shipping, and hiding gifts. It all becomes a bit much, especially this week.

It is doable until life throws you a set of circumstances where the hustle and bustle aren’t going to happen and the gift-giving and card mailing traditions must be suspended. Maybe a death has you deeply sad or a storm has blown in and torn you and your comforts asunder.

During times like those, it becomes clearer than before how much we busy ourselves with traditions and expectations having nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas.

I recall when the boys were younger how I would finally relax and feel the pressure leave my shoulders as we lit the candles in the Christmas Eve service. Finally, I could enjoy the joy and peace of the holiday.


Whatever season of life you are in, take a moment to focus your eyes and mind on the one and only gift that keeps on giving all year long. And…no it isn’t an Amazon gift card.

It’s the wondrous miracle of Jesus. The King and the Victor for us right now in the messiness and uncertainties of 2018 and for all time.

What you will discover minute by minute and trial by trial is how precious He is.

You will marvel at the depth of his love and grace.

You will, if you allow yourself, eventually be willing to give up everything else for Him.

As you finish up your errands this week and plop yourself down in the pew on Christmas Eve, breathe deeply and allow yourself to take in Jesus.

When all this stuff we have is gone and it will be one day, your heart will seek only one thing.

Your mouth will thirst for only one thing.

Your eyes will search for only one thing.

Your hope will lie in only one thing.

Have you received the gift of Jesus?

Are you giving the gift of Jesus?

It’s the only gift that is priceless and will continue to keep on giving.

Once you receive the gift of Jesus in your heart, I make you a 100% guarantee–you will never want to return Him.




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