Trust the Double Yellow Line

Imagine you’re whizzing along singing On the Road Again, the wind in your hair. Your eyes are drawn to the purplish mountains on the horizon. Life is grand. You come over a small rise and, suddenly, a slow-moving vehicle appears. You slam the brakes to avoid a collision. Crawling along at a snail’s pace, your stomach reminds you of that Texas-sized steak you saw on the billboard a while back. The restaurant selling it is up ahead. You flash your lights, hoping the old slowpoke will get the message–speed up!

“Come on, there’s nothing here! I don’t have time for your Sunday drive!” you yell at the car ahead and slam your hand on the steering wheel.

Searching for a way out of this stupid delay, you notice the double yellow line on the highway. Seeing nothing but an open road for miles, you mutter under your breath, “Stupid government! There’s no good reason for this.” You glance in the rearview mirror for a cop.  An empty road behind, you pull out into the left lane and gun it.

In a previous post, we discussed how God established the first boundaries or rules of behavior. He clearly instructed Adam and Eve to not eat from the Tree of Life.  But eventually, Eve decided to go ahead and cross the line. She compounded her guilt by talking Adam into doing the same thing. She must have thought God wasn’t watching.

Having driven roads like the one pictured, I know somewhere just ahead is probably a dip in the road. And, down in that low place could be an 18-wheeler hauling beef cattle to market. But, you’d not know that by using your naked eyes. Your vision tells you the coast is clear.

You know what the double yellow line indicates, yet, you make the decision to ignore it and speed ahead ’cause “that steak is calling my name.”

A simple rule that is not enforceable by the authorities, is not effective. God knows that about us and, if we’re honest, we know it too.

God enforced his rule by banishing the first couple from the Garden of Eden and preventing their re-entry–ever. He closes gates and he slams doors. Jesus kicked the money changers out of the temple. He booted them. No squatter status was granted.

God loves you and He knows what’s best. When He gives a rule, it isn’t meant to be a suggestion; it is to be a line of demarcation between right and wrong–sort of like the double yellow line on the highway.

And, He doesn’t need a drone or an onboard camera to record your actions so He can prove his case when you lie about it. He’s been capable of watching what you really do for a very long time.

He sees the danger ahead because He sees everything–we don’t.

My word this year is TRUST and this lesson is for me first; I need to trust the double yellow line He has painted on my road. Stay on the path He has appointed and follow His guidance, especially when He goes slower than I want.

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)











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