The Shocking Story of Baby “A”

*The details have been changed to protect privacy, but the facts are true. The Pixabay picture is not Baby “A”. *

Some patients I’ve had over the years have never left my mind. Baby “A” is such a case.

He was my first child abuse patient and, sadly, would be far from my last. The details of his situation were some of the most gruesome I’ve experienced and I share them in order to make an important point: mamas matter.

Baby “A” was around four years old and a normal child prior to his injuries. He was brought unconscious to the emergency room by his parents. Further examination revealed he had a skull fracture, a broken arm, and approximately 60 bite marks on the front and back sides of his torso. The story given by the parents was that the dogs attacked Baby “A.”

Since the bite marks were later determined to have been made by an adult and not a dog, the child was taken from the parents. What happened to him after he left my care at the rehab facility, I do not know. But when he was discharged, he was still in a semi-comatose state and was not communicating. He was fed through a tube and required total care.

I grew up in a small town unexposed to true evil. My mind could not even imagine how someone could do such horror to a baby or anyone, for that matter. But…a child? Human bite marks?

One question has always haunted me and will for all my days: Why didn’t the mother stop this?

Maybe I’m naive and some would say I am. However, I expect more from a mother. If a man, even the father of the child, attempts to harm her child, how can she stand by and allow that to happen? How does she live with herself if she doesn’t intervene?

Girls, if you’ve read this far, hear this clearly from me–mamas matter. God has appointed us to sacrifice everything, if necessary, for the next generation. It is a daunting calling. One I have bristled under at times as I struggled with giving up career goals and income.

Mamas matter to God. Mamas matter to our society. Mamas matter to our future.

Women are gaining more power and position in American society.  Hopefully, we’ll not act selfishly for our own personal goals and wealth. When I see women celebrating abortion on demand, I admit I’m worried about what we’ll sacrifice for power.

Our world won’t be worth having if we neglect our first duty–our children.

I share the shocking details of Baby “A” to pull back the curtain on what is going on in some homes. Children are at risk and we need to do all we can to protect them.

To this day, I wonder if he’s alive and if so, how he is functioning. I also imagine he could have been saved if his mother had intervened. Baby “A” paid a steep price for her inaction.

Mamas, you matter!

*If you are in danger, seek help immediately. Do not stay in an unsafe situation. Get your children to a safe house today.

*If you know of children in danger, intervene and report. Let the authorities sort it out, but do not wait for children to end up in the ER or worse.

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