Takl Can’t Handle This

You’ve probably seen Kathie Lee Gifford’s new commercial for the Takl app.  “Need to mow it, need to blow it, need to hang it on the wall…” Catchy jingle.

I know you’re crazy busy right now and crazy stressed. But mom, Takl can’t handle what your child needs from you. She needs your time—your presence—your love.

And, while there are a million ways to make your life easier, all society is selling you is more ways to do more. Maybe your heart is telling you, way deep down inside in that place of #momguilt you don’t like to visit, “All I really want is LESS to do.”

I’m writing a book for new moms and came across some interesting facts:

Beginning in the womb, a fetus’ developing auditory pathways sense the sounds and vibrations of its mother. Soon after birth, a child can identify its mother’s voice and will work to hear her voice better over unfamiliar female voices.

A 2014 study of pre-term infants showed that playing a recording of the mother’s voice when babies sucked on a pacifier was enough to improve development of oral feeding skills and shorten their hospital stay. A mother’s voice can soothe a child in stressful situations, reducing levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and increasing levels of oxytocin, the social bonding hormone. (from the NY Post 10/23/16)

Your baby needs YOU to read to him, YOU to sing to him, YOU to teach manners and Bible stories.  And that #momguilt voice that you block out by scrolling social media or shopping, confirms this.

Christians know busyness drowns out God’s voice. Isn’t it also true, busyness blocks your voice from being heard by your child? Psalm 46:10 tells us, “Be still, and know that I am God…”

We need to be still and quiet and less busy so we can hear God. Same is true for your children to hear you. Use Takl, if you must, to find the time to be still and spend time reading to your baby. But don’t use Takl to find someone else to read to your baby.

 Bottom line?  Take the time (maybe after the school year ends) to be still and ask God to show you what changes to make.  And as your baby trusts what you say, you trust what He says.

If you need prayer, please write those in the comments below and #moms everywhere will be lifting you up.

(Photo by Pixabay)



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