Shaping Your Children: Summer Week #1

When I recall my childhood, I tend to remember the summers more than the school years. While favorite teachers are not forgotten, I think the summertime activities shaped who I am today as much as all the hours in class.

This week I’m sharing one of the most important summertime things that made me who I am today. I pray it encourages you to be intentional about what your own children do with their time this summer—because it will shape them for better or worse.

Behind me in the photo is the local public library. The day I visited few children were there but the children’s librarian was already ready with the summer reading activities.

I loved the library as a child and my hometown, Ellisville, MS, had a great one three blocks from my house. Once a week, we’d walk up there to check out books. Most times, we’d bring our red wagon to haul the load back home. We were big readers!

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Please get your children involved in the summer reading program at your local library. Help them learn to respect and properly handle books which include no torn pages or making marks on public property. They will learn words are important and respecting public property is, as well. Paying fines out of their own money, if they’re a bit older, is also a way to teach responsibility and keeping up with commitments. All will shape them into better citizens.

And, here’s a little secret some of y’all have not paused to consider (well, maybe you have but I’ll remind you anyway):  you’ve already paid for everything in the library with your tax dollars.

Reading opens the world to children and will shape their futures. Plus, everyone knows readers make smarter students.

What are some of your favorite books you read as a child?

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