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A Life Lesson from Willie Nelson

I  love Willie Nelson's music. Ever since my days at Mississippi State, my traveling theme song has been On the Road Again. And...last weekend I was traveling. On the drive home from Sandestin, Rolando and I breakfasted at Waffle House. It was busy as always. Dishes clattered, bacon sizzled, and the cook yelled orders for... Continue Reading →

Bloggers Recognition Award

*SPECIAL EDITION* First, let me thank Julie Dibble for nominating me for this award. If you're not following her blog or her social media,'re missing a treat. It's amazing how God works through social media, isn't it? I found Julie, somehow, on Twitter. Don't ask me how we first connected because I don't remember.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from Sandestin

Rolando and I spent the weekend in Sandestin celebrating our anniversary. We always find time to celebrate in our own subdued way. For most of our marriage, we've gone camping or rented a cabin in the Smokey Mountains where we hiked, slept in late, and I went without makeup. This year, we didn't have as... Continue Reading →

Does God Make Mistakes?

My eyes have glazed over from looking at scores of photos from Hurricane Michael's zone of destruction. Once towering longleaf pines snapped like brittle toothpicks. Massive oak trees tossed asunder appearing like a monstrous pile of Pick Up Sticks. Don't you wonder why? Do you ever ask, "Does God make mistakes?" Did He decide He'd... Continue Reading →

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