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The Fear Merchants

Reporter Bob Woodward has a new book out. The title tells you all you need to know about what he's selling--FEAR. I've caught a few interviews he's had and one thing old Bob said caught my attention amongst the drivel, "People need to wake up to what's going on." Bob makes the case in his... Continue Reading →

Who’re Your People?

  I'm writing today's blog while traveling back to Florida from North Carolina, where I attended the North Carolina Christian Writers Conference. While there I met a lot of wonderful people. And as often happens, I met people from Mississippi.  Sitting next to me on the pew was Renee Hodges, a fellow MSU Bulldog. We... Continue Reading →

Those Church People

I'm finishing up a book project, at least I hope it's almost completed, about Mama's family stories. In fact, I just got back into town after a quick trip to Centerville, MS to visit with Gerald and Elsie Pitts, the historians of Centerville Baptist Church (Mama's home church). One of the central themes of the... Continue Reading →

What I Had

  This past week I've been busy redesigning my website and social media. It sounds easy, but it's not---not for me, at least. What colors? What fonts? What pictures reveal your brand? As I've gone through the details, God has revealed many things to me. I thought I'd share one of those with y'all this... Continue Reading →

David Carried A Sling

Your babies are back in school or soon will be. You've pushed through the stress of purchasing all those back-to-school supplies, lunch boxes, shoes, and clothes. It was enough to challenge even the most organized of you. While my babies are grown, I've not forgotten what you're going through. My heart broke for you this... Continue Reading →

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