Distracted Kids: Worse than Ever?

*SPECIAL EDITION* FOR NATIONAL SCREEN FREE WEEK April 29 - May 5, 2019 Are kids more distracted today than they used to be? Many believe so. Attention deficits and focus issues are pretty common and I don't think it's simply because we're "looking for it." There are no easy answers to this question but here's... Continue Reading →

Wasting Time Isn’t A Waste

Doing nothing isn't something we allow children to do very often. Culture tells us we can't afford to waste time. Our children must be learning something or be in a class of some type. Well, recall how often culture is wrong. A recent study demonstrated that adults who walked a mere 20 minutes in nature... Continue Reading →

Sacrificial Lambs

All parents feel the pressure to not allow their children to fall behind. We receive those messages to teach them letters, numbers, colors and shapes and do this BEFORE kindergarten, if possible. Crazy, right? Who has time for that? Most of us, as I did when my children were small, work. You come home from... Continue Reading →

The Lost Boys

If you're a #boymom, you've seen this picture in your home. Boys often have a strong and insatiable attraction to technology---smartphones, computer games, television, or gaming systems. Girls can too, but it's not as intense. This fact begs the question, why? Science tells us males are more visual than females. Their eyes are attracted and... Continue Reading →

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