Thoughts from Sandestin

Rolando and I spent the weekend in Sandestin celebrating our anniversary. We always find time to celebrate in our own subdued way. For most of our marriage, we've gone camping or rented a cabin in the Smokey Mountains where we hiked, slept in late, and I went without makeup. This year, we didn't have as... Continue Reading →

Who Invented Cowboy Boots?

Hey, it's #fridayfunfact time again! What's #fridayfunfact you ask?'s where I write about a fun fact on Friday. Today's question: Who invented the cowboy boot? The answer to that question is in dispute, but here's what I discovered in my research. (Credit to Kansas Historical Society website) Tradition credits Charles Hyer as one of the first to... Continue Reading →

Do you love boots as much as I do?

I bought my first boots when I was in high school. They were the most uncomfortable shoes I ever owned, but I still wore them. They reflected me--a cowgirl at heart. Mama and Daddy surprised me with a new pair of cowboy boots on Christmas 1980. The very next day I wore them as I... Continue Reading →

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