Shaping Your Children: Summer Week #1

When I recall my childhood, I tend to remember the summers more than the school years. While favorite teachers are not forgotten, I think the summertime activities shaped who I am today as much as all the hours in class. This week I'm sharing one of the most important summertime things that made me who... Continue Reading →

Takl Can’t Handle This

You've probably seen Kathie Lee Gifford's new commercial for the Takl app.  "Need to mow it, need to blow it, need to hang it on the wall..." Catchy jingle. I know you're crazy busy right now and crazy stressed. But mom, Takl can't handle what your child needs from you. She needs your time---your presence---your... Continue Reading →

Try Online Shopping—Here’s Why

Every mom has dealt with crying and screaming children in public. So, it's easy to understand why we purchase that toy we don't really want to buy or pull up videos on the smartphone. Anything to get this over with. In my recent newsletter, I gave some insider tips on dealing with overwhelmed or overstimulated... Continue Reading →

Distracted Kids: Worse than Ever?

*SPECIAL EDITION* FOR NATIONAL SCREEN FREE WEEK April 29 - May 5, 2019 Are kids more distracted today than they used to be? Many believe so. Attention deficits and focus issues are pretty common and I don't think it's simply because we're "looking for it." There are no easy answers to this question but here's... Continue Reading →

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